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MID - The standard in tagging AVIs

MID (Movie IDentifier) was created to improve the handling with AVI-Files. As the "ID3 tag" for MP3-Files, it adds some (more or less) useful information (Movie-Name, Director, Starring, Year, Genre, etc...) to your video. MID is fully compatible with the AVI-Format and has practically no limits. It is absolutly flexible! Of course, MID is free for personal use.

  • Title
  • Director
  • Starring
  • Genre
  • Language
  • Year
  • Rated
  • Comment
  • Part (for divided movies)
All these items may contain of an unlimited number of Characters!

Sounds great!! What do I need to revalue my AVIs with MID?"

All you need is the MID - Tag Editor which forms the base of MID!
Download now!!!

2001 Manuel Eckstein